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Investigate Lehigh Regional Medical Center

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Dear Lehigh Acres Family - This complaint is one of many. I regret to inform you that I will never take my son to Lehigh Hospital again, nor would I ever recommend it or go there myself again. In less then a month, not only was I misdiagnosed, but my son was as well. Him ending in a fractured leg, and mine ending in the chances of not being able to have kids again. Not only have I had unfortunate events at this hospital with my family, but I am hoping to come up with a list of 500 people or more, petitioning against this hospital. I believe that this hospital should be monitored VERY closely. My past experiences, and every experience I have had at this hospital has been anything but pleasant. I know that I am not the only person with this issue and that there are many more people out there with similar situations. I am asking those people to come forward to see what can be done to have this hospital either shut down or monitored much more closely. Lehigh hospital not only is unsanitary but their staff and doctors are very rude. When I walked into the fast track room with my son, there was gauze filled with blood under the tables and overflowing garbage pails. While waiting on xrays to come back, a bug even snuck across the floor. This is not very sanitary for a hospital! The reason I went to Lehigh Hospital and not another hospital was because we thought my son had broken his ankle at school. His dad picked him up from daycare and took him next door to the ER to get xrays. When the doctor finally brought back the xrays, the first thing he said was that it was not fractured or broken. He then diagnosed my son with having a sprained ankle and said to keep it bandaged and give him tylenol for pain. I followed up with his pediatrician on Wednesday (his injury happened on Monday) , and she said the leg was broken. His pediatrician advised me to pick up the xrays they took at the ER and go to a specialist. She also advised me that he should never have been prescribed tylenol, because tylenol does nothing for inflammation, only for pain. She recommended Motrin or ibuprofen because that has an antinflammatory in it and it would reduce the swelling. I picked up the xrays from Lehigh Hospital - the SAME xrays the doctor in the ER looked at and said it was a sprained ankle - and took them to the specialist. The specialist doctor said that he did not know how a hospital doctor could have overlooked a fracture. My son had been sitting on a fractured leg, unable to walk or put any pressure on it for 4 days before it was diagnosed properly. Now he is in a cast for 3 weeks. Now, had the hospital not previously misdiagnosed my son before, as well as me, then I may have let this slide. But, for a hospital to continuously misdiagnose patients and do more harm to them than good, I do not believe that this hospital should even be accepting patients. Now, I understand that every town has to have a hospital in emergencys, but this hospital is far from satisfactory. I could go on and on about the misdiagnosed issues that have happened to my son and I in the past yr. Not that we go to Lehigh Hospital very often, but the simple fact that every time we have had to go there (because it was an emergency) we have been misdiagnosed. There are also many people who have had complications from this hospital as well. I am asking for those people of whom have been either mistreated, misdiagnosed, or had further complications from this hospital to please post your name and/or description of issue that you had with this hospital. Any documentation would help the state in monitoring this issue further. If you do not wish to provide contact information, that is fine. A name will work just as good as any. Let\'s get Lehigh Hospital nipped in the butt! Lehigh Acres family deserves to have a great health system just like any other city or town. I have contacted a lawyor who will be looking into this more for me, as well as written a letter to Lehigh News Star. However, in the meantime, I thought I would write this letter to all of you stating these issues. If you would like to get more information or would like to find out more as to what is going on, please feel free to contact me back at your earliest convenience. I will be more than willing to speak with you about this matter. I am not someone who would start a petition against a hospital just "for fun". This hospital has some VERY SERIOUS issues that need to be addressed, and if not done so soon, I will take further legal matters to make sure that there is no more malpractice done to our Lehigh family. A hospital is supposed to properly and correctly diagnose problems when a patient walks in. If a doctor graduates last in his class from doctorate school....What is he called DOCTOR! I think that 90% of the physicians working at Lehigh Hospital are the doctor\'s who have graduated LAST in there doctorate school!



Here is a list of related documents that refer to this hospital. I hope they are helpful in your education of the topic. There will be more coming as I look into this issue more.
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