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LEGO, please make a Bionicle MMORPG

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I and many, many other people in the United States and worldwide grew up with Bioncle, watching it change over the years from the form of the Rakshi to the Piraka and so on. To some, it is a franchise that has passed and is no longer relevant. To others, it is a franchise of nostalgia and importance to their childhood. To me, it is an immersive world with its own laws which are alien to our own that has captured my imagination since I was a small child. It is a world that I believe should be seen in its most full potential and not just in the form of a few bits and pieces of maps like you see in the current Bionicle games. I ask of you to create an MMO based upon this series not just for me, but for every Bionicle fan regardless of age. I am sure you can see the monetary gain that is in it for you, as well.

Some ideas I think would work well in this sort of world are as follows:

1.) You can be Toa, Piraka, Rakshi, or Vizorak of any element
2.)You get a completely customizable Bionicle with pieces you can pick from a "LEGO box" as if you were building your own Bionicle in real life
3.) You can choose to spawn in Mata Nui, Metru Nui, or Voya Nui

4.) Rahi taming is used for story missions in areas where you would need to remove obstacles to get any further, making sure not just anyone can advance
5.) Main/raid bosses are Makuta, Nidhiki and Krekka, and Vezon
6.) You get Matoran companions that give you boosts of certain sorts
7.) You can play Kohlii as a mini game in the Toa main cities

8.) Airship rides between islands, as not to limit a player too much as to what they can do

9.) The ability to choose between the PvP affinities of unity, duty, and destiny for the following perks: Unity increases your attack and defense, duty raises the XP gained, and destiny increases your chance of getting rare drops

Please, take into consideration what I have said,


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