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Legends of the Hidden Temple Reboot

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Legends of the Hidden Temple was a popular game show that aired on Nickelodeon in the early 90s. It involved kids between the ages of 12-14 going through physical challenges and a mini quiz to get the right to run through Olmec's temple in search of the object in which the mini games and story were themed.

They show starts out with six (6) teams trying to cross a "moat." Once both teams are across they are then able to run over and hit a button setting off a gong sound signifying that the team has successfully crossed. The first four (4) teams that make it across the "moat" are then able to move on to round two (2).
The Steps of Knowledge is where Olmec would then tell the story of the artifact that has mysteriously made its way into the temple. The teams would then have to answer questions based on the legend, making their way down the steps. The first two (2) teams to answer three (3) questions correctly would then move on to the next phase of the show, The Temple Games.
The Temple Games was a series of physical challenges based off of the artifact's legend. The winner of the challenges were awarded "Pendants of Life". These pendants granted the teams access to the temple. The first two (2) games were worth a half pendant, with the third and final game worth a full pendant. If for some reason the Games end up in a tie (each team having one pendant) a tie breaker consisting of one final question about that episodes legend is asked. The team with the correct answer then earns the right to enter Olmec's temple in pursuit of the episode's artifact.
The Temple Run, the most exciting and nerve wrecking 3 minutes in television history. Once in the temple, the team had three (3) minutes to make their way to the artifact and get back out. All the while they had to deal with dead ends, locked doors, and temple guards that were placed in three (3) different rooms. If a person was to encounter a Temple Guard he/she had to give up their pendant in order to continue through the temple. However, if caught without an entire pendant he/she was caught by the Temple Guard and it was the teammate's turn to to make a run for the artifact.
Legends of the Hidden Temple was very popular when it first aired in 1993. The reception was warm and the show was praised for being nonsexist and nonviolent. A 2007 poll by the Springfield, Illinois State Journal-Register, ten percent of the respondents said the Legends of the Hidden Temple was their "favorite 'old school' Nickelodeon show." This goes to show just how popular the show still. Lets get it back on to the air so that it can continue to entertain and ruin friendships as we relive the rivalries from our childhoods.

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