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Legalizing weed medically in Pa.

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In all honesty right now. I'm thinking about writing a petition to try to get the legalization of pot in the ears of PA's congressional leaders. This isn't a joke, even if you think I am. We have far to many innocent, and non-violent individuals, some even being adults. In prison right now in Pa because they were getting high, some not even for recreational purposes. I know many adults, along with kids that truly use pot as a medication. In our state we have elderly people, now i'm not talking about grandparents. But nevertheless, people my moms age. That have a disease, or something wrong with them. Buying pot from shady individuals sometimes, putting themselves at risk to get their medication. I have truly had enough, maybe most kids will not talk to me, because they think this is extreme to post on facebook. But I truly want to get an idea of how many people would sign this, if your parents will hate me because of this, quite frankly I can't care, even though I will obviously. But this has gone far enough, it's not even about those that want to get high anymore. Mad people drink alcohol everyday, some even to the point of death, some to the point where they beat their wives, some to the point where they get in a car and kill someone else and yet that's legal. Cigarettes and chew is legal, even though that kills thousanfs every year. There's no reason why pot should still be illegal, especially when you're talking medically. Once again if you think I post too much, or am crazy, I don't care. This point is far greater then that. The drug war has cost us trillions of dollars to fight, and has cost us many good lives in law enforcement tdoing just that. Enforcing, however they should be enforcing against drugs that actually cause harm, I mean hell Salvia is legal in MarylandOur cities have got to the point of looking like a war zone, and I would love to take a harmful item off of their hands. So they can worry about getting real issues under control. On top of everything else I just stated, another huge gain will be the job opportunities that it will offer. Wither you like me or not, if I feel like I can get enough names, i'll do this. If you think Pot is equal to heroine still, then this isn't for you. This is real, and i'm not kidding about it. Colorado and Washington did what they did for far greater, and better reasons then to just get "stoned". They did it because it's the right thing to do on so many levels. Let's be real, we have lost the war on drugs when it comes to pot. So lets stop giving Mexican cartels money that we could be making here off of a harmless drug. Harmless if regulated that is.

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