Legalized Drug Addiction (L.D.A.)

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There is a law that if a Drug Dealer is caught selling drugs to a drug addict that the Drug Dealer is responsible for the Drug Addicts action. If the Drug Addict kills himself with it, the drug, the Drug Dealer would:

Spend time in Prison:

a. Life in prison

b. Serve a Death Sentence

Why is it that the Doctor/ Patient (L.D.A.) Be responsible like a Drug Dealer. If the Doctor knows good and well that the patient abuses the drug, but the Doctor keeps giving them the drug and slapping the Patient on the hand saying "Now don’t do that again."

What is the difference in the Doctor giving a drug to the patient knowing that they have abused the drug in the past, then a Drug Dealer giving the Drug Addict his drugs to abuse? THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE!!

If a Doctor knows that the patient is abusive to the drug, by past records, and the Doctor knows it is a dangerous drug

The Doctor should

1. Stop prescribing the drug.

Place a note and or Computer Entry on the Patients file, so that any Doctor the Patient goes to next will be alerted to the Patients abuse of the drugs listed in the alert.

Make the Patient take a Drug Abuse Rehab Class; receive a Certificate to turn into the Doctor before they can get the Abused drug again from the Doctor or Hospital (Institution).

A. The Patient will have to complete the class.

1. No drop out allowed

2. No Walk Out

3. Quitting Class

Can Not Miss One Day Of Class. If one day missed the class will have to be taken over in full completion.

4. If the Patient abuses the drug three times a note and alert WILL BE placed on the patients file and on the computer file entry to not be prescribed that drug ever again because of excessive abuse to the drug

1. If the Doctor prescribes the drug on the Abused list before a certificate is presented to them and or before the Patient completes the necessary steps to be given the abused drug the Doctor should be responsible for his health

a. If the Patient abuses the drug and OD’s (L.D.A.) The Doctor should be charged as a Drug Dealer would be to a Drug Addict, for the Patients death.

1. His license should be revokes and not be able to get a licence in the state.

2. Be responsible for the expenses of the OD’s and or correct Burial.

3. Spend time in prison

A. Life in prison

B. Death Sentence

b. If the Patient continually Over doses on the listed abused drug and goes to the hospital for recovery the Doctor would not be able to:

1. Charge the patient for services of cleaning them out.

2. The hospital will not be able to bill the patient for expenses or the family.

3. The Doctor would be responsible for the expenses of cleaning the patient from the "OD."

c. If the Doctor intentionally forgets to place the note and or alert on the patient file and computer entry they. The Doctor, that should have placed the note and or computer entry should be totally responsible for the patient (s) OD’s or kill them self with the abused drug on the list:

1. See (a.1) above

2. See (a.2) above

3. See (a.3) above

4. See (b.1) above

See (b.2) above

See (b.3) above

5. If the Patients Family takes the Doctor to court and sues the Doctor.

A. if the doctor tried to settle out of court.

1. The State should step in and sue the doctor because of admission of guilt.

a. the state should sue the doctor for the monetary amount agreed to pay to the family.

b. The state should try to strip the doctor of their license.

c. The Doctor should spend time in prison.

d. The monetary amount should be give to the family by the doctor.

B. If the doctor does not try to settle out of court the doctor should:

1. answer to the family

2. The judge should decide what should happen to the doctor if found guilty.

a. License be revoked and not practice in the stat again.

b. Serve Time

1. Life

2. Death sentence

3. Be sued by the family to the lawyers discretion.

I have heard story after story of doctors giving the patient drugs even after the patient keeps abusing the drug. If one doctor don’t give the patient the abused drug they doctor hop to one that will then the story starts all over again with the patient abusing the drug. You can play around with fire for a little while then you will get burned, the same with patient (s) abusing a drug they OD so many eventually it kills them. But when the doctor tells the patient "You are a dead person" and still allows the patient to get the abused drug.

YES, the doctor should be responsible for his actions and patient, if they know he abuses the drug. When the doctor knows by the past patient file record IF and alert or computer entry is made in the file.

They have advertised OxyCodone as a dangerous drug but the doctors will prescribe it to patients like a "box of candy."


My brother used three types of pills. When he was off of them he was very happy and would do anything for anyone. When you could not get something for him he would say "okay, I can wait." But when he got on the legal drugs the doctor prescribed for him, he would accidentally OD on the drug, go to the hospital, get cleaned and go back home again to get the doctor to prescribe the drug again and again. The doctor had to have known he was abusing the drug giving 90 pills for three months and coming back to him, he should have been able to see all the times he abused the drug. My other brother tried giving it to him when needed but this would not work either. The doctor in the hospital the last time told him "He was a dead man" if he keeps do this to himself. He would get out of the hospital and go to the doctor for the drugs again.

I feel that it is about time for the doctor (s) to be responsible for the L.D.A. The doctors know that if they can get the patient to OD each time they get paid to have the patient pumped out again and again and again. To them it doesn’t matter how many times the meed to pump them until the patient dies, then they blame the patient for them and not the Doctor (s) who keep giving them the drug..i.e. drug dealer to drug addict except Legalized!





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