Legalizing Ferrets in California

Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore 11 Comments
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Currently, in the state of California, ferrets (Scientific Name: Mustela putorius furo )are classified as an illegal animal to own, sell or buy. I, like many others am hoping to change this within the coming years. Out of the 48 other states, California and Hawaii are the only two states which ban the ferret as a pet. How can 48 other states be wrong Ferrets are quite the comical creature and make a great pet, even with children! If only we were allowed to legalize them now. I would like to send this petition via snail-mail out to Governor Arnold Swarzenegger by April 10th, 2005. Already, in November of 2004, SB 89 (Decriminalizes current ferret owners in California) had passed each and every hurdle in it\'s way while undergoing discussion in the California State Assembaly, and was sent to the governor himself. Unfortunately, he thought the bill too was just too bureaucratic to sign into an official law, so perhaps in the future it will be brought back. Please, if you too are a ferret lover, sign this petition! Help Californians legalize ferrets!


The sponser of this petition is Sarah Moore. So far, I am the only sponser of this petition, but I hope that perhaps some day soon I can get more people to help me with this. :)



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