Legalize Gay Marriage in MN

Max Weesner
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"All men are created equal..." Declaration of Independence. This principle is what our country was founded on, yet, for some reason, we lose sight of this idea only when we see something or someone different from ourselves. In the 19th century, African Americans were enslaved. They were enslaved because of their different skin color. People have been oppressed for thousands of years because of their differences from the majority, and it still continues to this day. As a society, we've moved past the horrors and racism of slavery, and now is the time for us to move past the prejudice of not allowing gay marriage. Minneapolis has the 4th highest gay population in the entire United States at 12.5%. That is 12.5% of our population who are legally unable to marry the person whom they are in love with. We must get our congress to act on this incredible injustice as soon as possible.