Legalize Front Yard Parking for homeowners with narrow driveways, on congested streets with permitted parking. Eliminate Municipal Bylaw Chapter 918

Tara Singh
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There are many illegal front yard parking pads in Ward 32 because of older homes with narrow driveways and issuing of more parking permits than spaces available for homeowners with a single family car. It is discriminatory practice to enforce this Bylaw on some while choosing to ignore others. This is highly discriminatory practice. Either legalize front yard parking for homeowners with narrow driveways on congested on-street parking or allow homeowners to legalize their front yard parking pad without discrimination by city councillors. Those of us that own older homes with mutual driveways that are too narrow to allow us to readily park our family car in the rear of our property and live on high traffic, busy streets with on-street parking struggle as we age and our health deteriorates or attempt to manage the hectic lives of our growing family needs. City Councillors should not have the right to doubly penalize a homeowner attempting to legalize a non-permitted/illegal front yard parking pad by denying the homeowners' appeal.


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