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We demand for the government to consider the legalisation of Cannabis as an additional measure to help get us out of a probable economic meltdown!

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Adam B. signed just now,8599,1884956,00.html In light of such ,potentially catastrophic, economical decisions, innovative ideas, new marketplaces and imagination are necessary to a country's survival.,9171,1889166,00.html Top economical analysts support the economic benefits of legalising cannabis and the debate remains to be battled out on a moral basis. Let's close Holland's cannabo-tourist industry overnight and give a big F*CK YOU to the same people who decided to deliver us such a catastrophic ultimatum. The money that we are potentially to raise from legalising Cannabis will definately NOT cover the needs of the bail out but will offer the government additional revenue in times of economic distress. Furthermore Agricultural industries will be re-generated as fields used to plant potatoes will now be used to plant a much more profitable commodity (Potatoes 2euros per kilo - Marijuana by the kilogram provided by farmers in Holland reaches average prices of 2,500 Euros per kilo). Furthermore it could potentially bring vital injections to our tourism sector and offer local businessmen a whole new industry to develop and compete in. There are various other pro-legalisation debates I will not venture since I believe concentrating on the economic benefits is wisest in these times. Other arguments can be developed after it legalization is at least being discussed on a national level. By signing this petition we are asking the government of Mr Nicos Anastasiades to at least consider this measure as an addition to any outcome that may be voted in Parliament.

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