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How Is it that Children Legally in USA are Often Forced to Leave & Denied Opportunities?

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We hear so much about kids who are in the US illegally and how much we must support them and make sure they have every opportunity – how we mustn’t tear families apart.

Does anyone actually consider the children of Legal Immigrants?

As adult legal immigrants we have chosen to move to the US. We do whatever we need to do to stick to the rules and abide by the ever-changing rules we are told to follow.

From the moment we bring our children here for what we hope is a better future, their lives are put on hold. They are treated differently to the children of illegal immigrants.

Our children, many of whom were brought here as babies, don't ask for special privileges, all they are looking for is to be treated the way the illegal children get treated.

Our kids are growing up with your kids, they are making the Pledge, they are playing in sports teams, they are going to University – but always with the worry of what will their future be like, and where it will be.

There seems to be a misguided idea that if you are here legally – as a child or an adult – you always have ways to stay. We can tell you that is definitely NOT TRUE!!!!

Not all Legal Visas lead to Green Cards, which you need to have before you can become a US Citizen – this is not well known by most Americans and not by all politicians either.

Most legal children who came to the US as Dependents, are only covered on their parent’s Visa till they are 21. They then have to find another legal way to stay or leave the US and return back to their originating country.

An International Student Visa, maybe a business in their own right, or marriage – the only real options and none of them easy or secure.

So What is Life like for a Legal Dependent Child?

Children who are here illegally can access DACA – the Government Program brought in to effect in 2012 by an Executive Action by President Obama, as long as they reach certain criteria. They are given the chance to apply for a Work Authorization Number.

Whilst a Dependent, legal kids are not able to get a Social Security Number, or Work Authorization Number, meaning they cannot work and gain useful life skills.

Legal kids are specifically not eligible for the DACA Program.


Dependents of legal immigrants aren't allowed to apply for FAFSA, many scholarships available, or some Graduate Programs. We've all seen recently the college kids boasting on social media of being illegal and having gone, or are going, through college/university fully funded.


Kids of legal immigrants aren't included in the DREAM act

The DREAM Act, (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors), is a legislative proposal for a multi-phase process for undocumented immigrants in the United States that would first grant conditional residency, and upon meeting further qualifications, permanent residency.


It's time for a change. They're not asking for special favors or something for nothing, they're asking to be treated fairly.

We need to bring this pressing matter to the attention of the Media and Congress. Whilst some politicians do know of the issues surrounding these legal children, there is no Immigration Reform happening, or due to happen, that could help them.

Please help us to show the will of the people to stop our Legal children being made to leave the country they consider home.

By signing this petition, we, and the undersigned demand that the USA takes action to help our Legal children. We demand that the American federal government create a viable process that stops many children who come here legally with their parents from being forced to leave the country, upon turning 21, from the place they consider home.

This petition and its signers show support of this issue and support of bill(s) that are put forward in Congress to help better it.

In summary, signers of this petition support the critical goals of:

1. Raising awareness of this issue across the United States, which is currently talked about very little

2. Staying up-to-date on this topic in order to educate others and support bills that will help solve this issue

3. Supporting bills in Congress that fight for the rights of children who have come to the US legally, call America home and give them a way to stay in the country legally after turning 21

Please leave your email address so we can keep you updated with our fight for reform for legal kids, or contact us at E2Reform@hotmail.com


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