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A Lefthanded Option for Skyward Sword's Successor

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With motion control technology forever changing and improving, the degree of precision required by the player is constantly becoming larger. For many of the population, this is no issue - as all games are designed with right-handers in mind. Using their dominant hand for all motion controls, right-handers have no problems when playing a precision based motion control game. However, left-handers, who use their dominant hand for motion controls, are being left in the cold, in no case more evident than The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Eiji Aonuma and the Skyward Sword development team have refused to cater for the left-handed gaming community, essentially forcing them to play the game right-handed or to not play the game at all. Is this fair? No. This will mean left-handers, whilst perhaps able to play the game, are still receiving experiencing an awkward, and counter-intuitive version of Skyward Sword. This petition has been designed so that Nintendo, after having ignored left-handed gamers in both Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, and dishing out counter-intuitive versions of both these titles to left-handed gamers and thereby going back on their entire philosophy of motion control, i.e. immersing the gamer, Nintendo will realise that this must be rectified with the next precision motion control Zelda title, and indeed all further precision motion control games by providing the option for a left-handed play style. If you agree, that a left-handed option should be present in all precision motion control games, please sign this petition, so that our voices can be heard, and to prevent this discrimination in future.

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