Leave George Zimmerman Alone

Vicki Preddy
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George Zimmerman was charged with 2nd degree murder for killing Trayvon Martin.  Mr. Zimmerman claimed he killed in self-defense.  He was tried in a court of law in the State of Florida.  On July, 13,  2013, a 6-member jury agreed with the defense and found Mr. Zimmerman not guilty of 2nd degree murder. The trial is over. The not-guilty verdict is in, yet, supporters of Trayvon Martin refuse to accept the outcome. They are petitioning for more charges and investigations into this incident. They are rioting and threatening Mr. Zimmerman.  Simply put, it seems the only acceptable outcome to them is imprisonment. 

It's CRITICAL to insist that the harassment of one of our citizens STOPS NOW. Raise your voices against their VIGILANTE JUSTICE. We must also insist on respect for the jury's decision, the jurors themselves and for our judicial process. Please show your support by signing this petition, and begin forwarding it as soon as you can. It's critical that OUR VOICES BE HEARD NOW.  Enough is enough.





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