Lead Not Lose

Jane Roe
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"We the undersigned demand new and comprehensive legislation to reduce gun violence in the United States. We ask Members of Congress to work together with the President and take immediate action to prevent the incomprehensible loss of life resulting from gun related homicides in the United States (averaging 10,000 per year). The new legislation should be broad ranging and comprehensive, addressing

access to firearms in general, as well as restricting the type of firearms available to individuals in a rational and justifiable manner. New technology should be implemented to ensure all weapons remain under control. Moreover, the escalating media frenzy for gun violence must be curtailed. Too many young minds are being conditioned daily to accept horrific acts of violence as normal through exposure to network television, movies and video games. 

The massacre of 26 young children and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday, December 14, 2012 is a tragic reminder that gun violence in the United States is out of control. We are no longer prepared to accept such acts of mass murder as the price of a freedom intended to protect our fellow citizens. Common sense reforms to gun laws do not contradict second amendment rights, and no right conferred by the constitution is absolute. 

We believe that every right implies a responsibility; Every possession, a duty. Please help us bring an end to America's appalling levels of gun violence by pledging your commitment to work together for a comprehensive plan before another innocent child is murdered by our collective inaction."





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