A call for LCJE to denounce all ecumenism and promotion of ecumenical activities.

Salvador Hayworth
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Dear LCJE, in regards to the open letter written to David Sedaca and to your organisation which can be read at the following public website www.lausannecje.wordpress.com we as Christians from various evangelical churches and ministries, as believers who hold that the purity of the gospel should be held without any compromise with those groups and ministers who hold to a different gospel, call on the LCJE to publically correct its promotion of ecumenism in its bulletin (as promoted by David Sedaca in bulletin number 95 - as addressed in the open letter). We also request the public denunciation of ecumenicism and request guarantees that LCJE will not engage in any ecumenical partnership or unity or meetings with Roman Catholic congregations or with Roman Catholic Officials or clergymen. For the love of the Truth of the Gospel we appeal to you to make a stand for the Lord requires it of you. Shalom in Yeshua.