¡Venceremos! Join the community search for a new LAUSD superintendent!

Robert D. Skeels
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LAUSDHOPE is a call to action to our LAUSD community and national education experts like Professor Ravitch regarding the urgent search for a new LAUSD Superintendent. This petition is for people that agree that it isn't just time for a new Superintendent, but that the people of Los Angeles should have say over who gets hired. After all, it's our district, our schools, and our community. To that end, LAUSDHOPE is soliciting a list of viable superintendent candidates we feel will best serve the students of Los Angeles. We are also soliciting a list of attributes the community wants our next superintendent to have. Some starter items are here, but it's important that this is a community project, so we want people to submit their ideas. Join us. We can identify the next superintendent candidates who will serve our community. ¡Venceremos!