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Stop the Harassment of San Francisco's Bucket Man

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Larry Hunt, AKA Larry \"The Bucket man\" is a true San Francisco treasure. His music has entertained thousands of tourists and locals in San Francisco for years. Larry\'s unique musical talents have been heard on Powell and Market streets, Civic Center, and in Union Square. His contagious smile can be seen as he plays his array of buckets, pots and pans. He was seen in the movie,\"In the Pursuit of Happyness\" starring Will Smith and he has volunteered his time entertaining and inspiring children in San Francisco schools. In an attempt to gentrify San Francisco, and rid the streets of so called Blight, Larry has received 4 tickets costing 250.00 each. Larry has lost substantial income as a result of being told to move on. Larry\'s court date is 3-25-08 at 850 Bryant, Department A. Larry cannot afford to pay these tickets. Please support Larry in his fight retain his livelihood play his music. Street musicians have a right to perform. Your signature and support is appreciated.


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  • Christopher Turek
    Christopher Turek United States, San Francisco
    Aug 21, 2015
    Aug 21, 2015
    Larry has done more for our city than most people who live here. His mad skills on the drums and buckets and his huge smile give everyone who passes 4th and Market a shot of sunshine. He is the least of anyone problems and the purveyor of happiness.
  • Jeremiah Cornelius
    Jeremiah Cornelius United States, Los Angeles
    Aug 08, 2015
    Aug 08, 2015
    God bless Larry! Ambassador of goodwill, generator of happiness and treasure of the city of San Francisco.
    Larry is constantly badgered by police, over "noise", etc. Construction at 4th and Market is 20 Db louder - but the cranes and tractors don't make children dance or their parents smile.

    STOP HARASSMENT of Larry Hunt! Make a day in this man's honor, and offer him the key of this city, before you lose the last of your soul.


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