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This petition was created to get people involved in making the Slave Theater in Brooklyn, NY, located on Fulton Street in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood a Historic Landmark. We sent in the paper work last year for landmark status and got rejected. The Landmark Association in New York didn't see the importance in making it a landmark. We must show that we have the community behind us. Let's show them the power in numbers. They have been trying to steal and sell the Slave Theater since the early 90's. Now the Honorable Judge John Phillips has passed on to a new dimension and the Slave Theater is for now SALE!!! "THIS SUCCESSFUL, CONSCIOUS, BUSINESS MINDED BROTHA, ONCE WORTH 10 MILLION DOLLARS DIED BROKE AND PENNILESS DUE TO THE THEFT OF HIS MONEY AND PROPERTY FROM THE MANY COURT APPOINTED GUARDIANS. THIS MAN IS A POLITICAL PRISONER IN HIS OWN COMMUNITY. NO SEEDS TO PASS HIS LEGACY ON." I myself along with Crucial Arts want to give the power and control back to the community by saving, claiming and buying the Slave Theater. "THE SLAVE THEATER IS LOCATED ON FULTON STREET IN THE HEART OF BED-STUY IN BROOKLYN. OVER THE YEARS IN THE PAST, THE SLAVE THEATER WAS USED FOR WEEKLY RALLIES AND MOVIE SHOWINGS. WE ALL KNOW THAT THE ONCE MOVIE THEATERS THAT WERE IN MOST BLACK COMMUNITIES ARE GONE. HOWEVER, WHAT MAKES THE SLAVE THEATER SO AMAZING IS THE POWERFUL NAME THAT FORCE BLACK PEOPLE TO REMEMBER THE HISTORY OF AMERICA, AND THE POWERFUL IMAGES THAT ALIGN THE WALLS INSIDE THE THEATER, 'VISIT THE HOMELAND OF THE AFRICAN SLAVES' AND A MESSAGE TO BLACK PEOPLE,'WHO ARE YOU" TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE SLAVE THEATER AND SEE CURRENT UPDATED INFO, LOG ONTO: TO DONATE MONEY TO HELP BUY THE SLAVE THEATER, GO TO: "When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion." - Ethiopian Proverb


Mya B. is a young filmmaker born and raised in Chi-town. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY where she came to be around people of like mind in the independent film industry. Graduating from Columbia College with a concentration in film studies gave her the writing and production skills to pursue her passion as an independent filmmaker. Her first documentary, ‘Warrior Queens’ was shown in 1994 at the Dusable Museum of African American History in Chicago. From working as a PA and interning on several independent films, she decided to venture into her first documentary project. After two years of groundbreaking interviews and historical information to research, she completed her first documentary entitled, ‘Silence: In Search of Black Female Sexuality in America.’ The film has won many accolades, festival acceptance, and awards. Segments of her film, was also show on VH1’s, “Can’t Get a Date”. Since then, her writing has gotten recognition. Her short script, Maya: The Illusion, won honorable mention in the American Gem screenwriting competition and she was a BET finalist in the Rap It-Up competition in 2006. She is currently in production for the follow up to her first documentary, “Silence 2: Black Male Sexuality, finishing up her first novel, working with high schools students in video and featured on a new show, “Mouth Full.” She is now working on a campaign to 'Save the Slave Theater' in Brooklyn because she believes that this historical landmark should be preserved, can generate income to the community and provide an arena for independent artists, like herself. In addition to that, this is a theater that was created by the blood, sweat, and tears of the Honorable Judge John Phillips and his legacy will and shall continue… To learn more about Mya B., visit her website at

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