Lana Del Rey Please have an American Tour.

Brentt Palumbo
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Hello everyone,

This is a petition for Lana Del Rey to do a North American Tour. If you follow Lana you know that she tours mostly European countries and South America. For us fans that live all across America and Canada and can't afford flights to these foreign countries, seeing her live is impossible. Please sign this petition and give us North American Lana Del Rey fans hope to see her live. If you'd like share this on all of your social medias (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) it would be greatly appreciated. Also feel free to spread this to Interscope Records (Twitter: @Interscope) and Lana's Twitter (@LanaDelRey) and please be nice. Finally, feel free to send an email to her management at or send them this petition.
Brentt Palumbo



February 3
We are now live!



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