Kroneke OUT Usmanov IN Save Arsenal Football Club

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The Arsenal faithfull have been very paitent with the current board and I beleive that we have given this regime every opportunity to prove that it wishes to treat the fans as football fans and not as customers. Unfourtnatly they have decided not to treat us as fans but as customers and once again are preparing the ground work for another average season where we should feel lucky to be in the top four. For too long now we have lived off our reputation and Arsene knows it. AW actually came out and said he couldn't understand why Usmanov is not on the board, I don't think he could have made it any clearer what he wants. The current board do not allow AW to spend yet Usmanov would give assurances and allow us to compete. AW and the board keep complaining that we don't have the money to compete with the oil rich clubs. Well we could if we wanted and it is very hypocritical to take Man City's money on one hand by selling £70 million of players to them and then complain its uncompetitive they have so much money. No these are just excuses as to why we have to keep 150 million sat in the bank, AW needs assurances to spend and the current board are not giving them. To think that we would suddenly loose all our principles as a club because we have Usmanov in is rubbish. He respects the legacy and tradition of the club and knows that the fans want to compete and not just keep the share price high. Kroneke couldn't care less if he tried, he's not even an Arsenal Fan he is a Man City Fan for goodness sake his father took him to watch city play as a kid and he has been a fan ever since. The way he runs the club and statements he comes out back up this idea, the only reason he wasn't there when city won is because he knows how it would look! He will deny till the cows come home but this came out before he locked his Arsenal shares away in a safe never to be invested in or sold. Kroneke has never put a penny into any of his US investments and thats exactly how he sees AFC an investment. He doesn't even watch the games. This parasite must be bought out as Man City fans are not welcome as owners of our great club. Arsenal fans only we have to start remembering who we are and that we can compete its just the current board is choosing not too as its much easier and more profitable for them not too. RVP is not signing a new contract for now because he is trying to force the club to bring in the talents we all know we need. Every AFC fan knows we needs at least four or five world class sigings to compete next season and we also know the current board won't do it, even if it means they will loose there best player and captain. This summer is it, if AW and the board refuse to spend OUR money then the board must go. We all know it wouldn't take crazy money just a show of intent and a willigness to show the league that Arsenal is no longer a feeder club. The stadium is nearly paid off, the club is turning a profit and the FFP rules work in our favour. Lets bring Usmanov in and do a rights issue and propel our club to the success and future we know we should have. Kroneke is the worst most parasitic owner we could ever have, if you still have doubts about these people then answer this question, do you remember what we were promised when we complained the club does not spend? They said that once the stadium debt was manageble then we would be able to compete with the likes of Real Madrid and Barca. The stadium debt has been manageble for three seasons now and still no spending and yet are we so arrogant that we think we can beat these teams without spending at least a decent amount of out turnover. This board are pocketing the money that should be spent on players, this board are treating us like customers not fans, look at the cynical substitution of Park on for six mintues against Man united, this was clearest sign that money is more important than winning. Was park going to win the game? Please, every season now they make a signing just before season ticket renewel time and then bleat on about FFP rules. I hope that by the time your are reading this, that RVP has got his way and this board is forced to compete but the way they have behaved in recent history makes me think that we would be in for a very long wait. Lets turn our club's priorities back into winning trophies rather than making a small group of people very rich. Kronke OUT Usmanov IN.

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