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Kristen Kruek to play Silver Banshee McDougal for Supergirl Season 3

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With General Zod confirmed as the main antagonist for Supergirl season 3, CW should still take this time to have the next feature other supervillains for Kara to fight that are not alien related, even by having a redundancy of certain enemies like the Silver Banshee.

With Siobhan Smythe (played by Italia Ricci Amell) having debuted in the show and is yet to return at somepoint before Ali Adler and the rest of the show runners forget over schedueling conflicts as well as turning too much of their attention onto so many other alien related stuff, they should consider calling Italia back over for the third Supergirl season so they can have her character be redeemed and that they will have another Silver Banshee included as the one Kara Danvers will cross paths with more often without letting things go unanswered for much longer. Fortunately there are two separate versions of the Silver Banshee and the one that CW should line up as the villain for the 4th episode of Supergirl season 3 and the 5th episode of the Flash season 4 should be Superman's Silver Banshee McDougal and with Smallville's Lana Lang actress Kristen Kreuk to be cast as the aggressive supernatural arch nemesis of the Girl of Steel while filming in her home town of Vancouver.

Kreuk is part Dutch and part chinese but born of european heritage is fine for the actress that having a talented star inspiring from previous Superman shows like her cast as Silver Banshee McDougal with her first name being Michaela here in the Arrowverse acting as both Kara and Siobhan's nemesis in the upcoming third season would be awesome.

Now as another Silver Banshee for the upcoming third season, Kristen Kreuk's Silver Banshee is to act as enemy fought by Superman 15 ago from where the plot of the series is currently at right now who is also to be the one responsible for revealing Kara's presence to Henshaw and the DEO back on the night she and Alex were young soaring in the sky together because of her grudge against Superman since Henshaw himself told Supergirl before engaging her in a fight that he was planning to lock her up in a cage.

After all McDougal was the one enemy Superman infuriated most for his interventions other than Lex Luthor and his family and by having the first two episodes of the upcoming third season focus on the return and redemption of Siobhan Smythe who is currently locked up in Barry's earth 38 meta human prison. And with Italia Ricci sure to reprise her role on her character's next episode appearances while currently reprising her role as Emily Rhodes on Designated Survivor Season 2, her character in the upcoming third season of the Girl of Steel will escape from prison not to oppose Supergirl since she other than being locked up tight has found another way to keep the curse from killing or erasing her, but to oppose Kreuk's Silver Banshee and her goons abducting her relatives for her purpose of using them for a ritual that will restore her human form and Siobhan will have to team up with the person she blames for ruining her dreams and let go of her grudge against Supergirl in order to save her family and by learning that Michaela McDougal was the one that screwed up her life back when she was 17 regarding the incident with her father, issues before and after that lead her into being mean to Kara before she got the latter fired that lead them into becoming enemies, she will realize that Supergirl was never her enemy and since we never saw how Winn figured out how he found out Smythe's attempts of getting Kara fired from Catco, we can hope that it was McDougal using an employee to rat her out to him just to make the prime earth Silver Banshee her puppet.

And as soon as Siobhan and Kara stop Michaela from killing any of her relatives, the two Silver Banshees will need to make a truce to stay out of each other's way before Smythe will make her exit just as Cat Grant made her departure from the series in season 2 by leaving National City and going back to Ireland to attend the funeral of Michaela's only victim, her aunt Sinead who should be the only person the New Earth Silver Banshee slaughters before Kara and her best friend from prime earth intervene with her rituals further and by having Siobhan put her differences with Kara behind her and see her as her best friend and most respected ally before leaving with her family back to Ireland, this will be an excellent onscreen process of passing the torch to Kristen Kreuk's yet to be cast Silver Banshee as the one who will antagonize Supergirl throughout season 3 while aided by her division of Project Cadmus and another regarding sorcery and bio genetics. This is a much better way to handle the characters through limited episode guest appearances and character redundancy instead of completely replacing people and characters over various complications regarding money and feckless excuses.

After all, Lillian Luthor's division in Cadmus regards robotics like the two Metallos, Cyborg Superman and Jeremia Danvers. Surely Project Cadmus has more to offer us than that which is why the producers should hold off from bringing Lex Luthor from the comics and let some of the others like Silver Banshee McDougal have an upgrade on their role of antagonizing the Kryptonian cousins of Steel. After all she in the new earth comics is Supergirl's greatest foe overall due to her aggression towards her and Superman and anyone who gets in her way, it should be worth having the original Silver Banshee arrive for the third season of Supergirl and by having her fate after the major blow back superman caused her during their first couple brawls involved being thrown behind bars and bailed out by Lex Luthor who puts her in charge of running her own division in project cadmus as well as being the one who inspired Superman's nemisis into naming a paramilitary science division after a greek mythical figure, she would serve as a much more potential for Supergirl to fight against in the third season several times in the future of the show when ever they run into each other during a skirmish while the New Earth Silver Banshee herself unleashes a couple dangerous surprises on the girl of Steel regarding other supernatural and experimental villains as well such as

*Solomon Grundy

*Man Bat

*Lucy Lane/Superwoman

*All American Kid



First sign the petition if you agree that the CW producers of Supergirl should bring in the original Silver Banshee with Kristen Kreuk cast for the role and by giving us more exciting villains for Kara to go head to head with in the third season while facing off against Zod and his military guild. Then come back to this petition so you can contact the producers on making sure they convert everything suggested in this article for the next season while they work on the next four show crossover:

Andrew Kreisberg

Ali Adler

Greg Berlanti

Sarah Schechter

Arrow Writers Room

Marc Guggenheim

and the man to persuade CW into getting filming on Supergirl season 3 to start in June

Mark Pedowitz

Please hope that they do get our request in time after you've signed this petition and thank you for your support.

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