KotOR 3 or KotOR Remaster!

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Blake Parker
Blake Parker 959 Comments
1097 people have signed. Your voice needed! Goal: 1,000
Goal: 1,000
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What could we possibly do as a community to make BioWare, Disney, EA, pretty much anybody acknowledge how much we want a KotOR 3 or KotOR remaster. Its been 12 years since the game we love so much was released, not to mention 10 since KotOR 2. Battlefront 3 is coming, but still, no mention of our beloved KotOR. Don't they see how many people want this? Plus the amount of money they would make...hype it up with good promotions and all, I mean, it's KotOR it would barely even need that. Im so nostalgic right now after killing Revan on my third 60 in SWToR, they really didn't give him the glory he deserved at all.

Sign up for this petition and make sure everyone knows how much we want it. We've been waiting far too long.

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