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Discrimination when providing services (

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Adam B. signed just now ONNENKOIRA ( owner is Tuovi Ahola) is refusing to provide services for their swimming pool for me and my dogs based on the following reasons: She claims I have been rude to her on the phone and she doesn't wish to allow me to further swim my dogs, even if we had a prepaid our lessons for a number of  weeks already, which she cancelled without explaining this! THE STORY: I left my 3 dogs in this boarding kennels for a week while on vacation, with precise instructions on feeding, walking, swimming for which I paid in full price for a whole room! I asked them to only walk my greyhounds for 10minutes and not with any other dogs. All my dogs were dropped off muzzled just to make sure nothing happens. Greyhounds are very easy going and I was sure there is no possibility for any mistakes. Greyhounds are not aggressive dogs and mine are very calm, but in a new environment it is better to do so, just because it is safe for all dogs. I returned from my vacation and found my dog with two huge open bleeding bite wounds on his upper shoulder main muscles which are major muscles while running. He was sore and in pain. He had plenty of dried blood about 10cm diameter.The owner siad we have no idea how it had happen, but that it has happened on friday. I picked him on tuesday evening, still bleeding! The owner made us pay 100% of the boarding bill, no apologies, no discounts or anything. I took my dog to the vet which cost me another 260€ to get the wounds fixed and he now has scars! The owner was very argumental on the phone and refused to compensate any % of the bills! She was not admitting how this has happened and tried to propose that he had hotspots or that my own dogs had bit him! Not a chance! After writing her a serious letter and asking her to at least cover some part of the vet expenses, since I do not see how my dogs can hurt each other if they were all muzzled and should not have been walked with any other strange dogs based on their own policy. She was forced for the first time in years to actually returned the paid money for the boarding, but did not cover the vet bills! The owner NOW has decided to refuse paid service to their swimming pool for us, because she had to refund our boarding fees, which I believe is a case of discrimination! I have been told by several people working for this business, that indeed they DO walk strange dogs that do not know each other together and even let them free in their yards. They have caused a greyhound to break a bone in the past so badly while being boarded, that the dog had to be put to sleep. Another small dog was hit by a car and in none of these past cases they had to compensate the owners. This is a complete disgrace and an unbelievable customer service practice which needs to be reported to the consumer service authorities asap! This can not continue! If you also feel that refusal of service based on these grounds is completely NOT ACCEPTABLE, please help me by signing this petition!



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