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Klaatu Kampaign for The Day The Earth Stood Still

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On December 12, 2007 filming began in Vancouver, British Columbia on the remake of the 1951 classic sci-fi flick \"The Day The Earth Stood Still\" starring Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates, and Jaden Smith. Klaatu, the Canadian band, derived their name, first album title and the concept for the hit song \"Calling Occupants\" all from this seminal piece of celluloid, it seems an obvious fit for the music to be part of this upcoming movie. If we can be so bold, we believe that showcasing material from either \"3:47 EST\" or the \"Hope\" album in this movie is a great opportunity for Fox productions to appeal to a wider audience. \"Calling Occupants\" \"Around the Universe in 80 Days\" and \"Little Neutrino\" have never been used in a theatrical film before and if there ever were an appropriate expression of these themes it would be in the remake of the movie that inspired them. We are asking any and all Klaatu fans -- and even just sci-fi fans in general -- to sign this petition of encouragement for the use of either Klaatu\'s music or the songs themselves (recorded by another artist or incorporated into the score) to the producers and music supervisors in the \'hope\' that they will see the film\'s potential audience as wanting a say in its outcome. From the \"Carpenters\" recording of \"Calling Occupants\" and from their own 5 albums, Klaatu gained a worldwide audience who appreciate atmospheric music, and still has a large following today. Anyone who knows the band well will appreciate the movie \"soundtrack\" feel of songs like \"Calling Occupants\", \"Around the Universe in 80 Days\" and \"Little Neutrino\". In the original 1951 black and white movie Klaatu came to Earth to ask us to stop experimenting with Nuclear weapons, or be destroyed. Our violent ways were seen as barbaric in the eyes of other civilizations in the Universe we share with them. The song \"Calling Occupants\" is a plea to the aliens to come and visit, just as Klaatu does in the movie. \"Around the Universe in 80 days\" is the soundscape to a story of an alien inviting an \"Earthling\" to come aboard his spaceship and see that the Universe is filled with friendly and peacefull aliens, as in the movie. We humbly ask the fine people at Fox productions to consider including the music of Klaatu in the definitive movie about Klaatu. We feel that you would be missing out on a connection with the fans of Klaatu worldwide, as well as the many movie goers who will get to hear this music in the theatre while enjoying one of the most powerful sci-fi stories ever told. Klaatu\'s songs can be heard at or contact Jaimie Vernon ( or Neville Quinlan at Peermusic ( to obtain more info about Klaatu. We thank all those who signed this petition and would like to thank Fox productions for taking the time to read our petition. The \"Friends of Klaatu\".


The \"Friends of Klaatu\" are many and live everywhere on the planet Earth and beyond.


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