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Keep Kids Safe in Indian Schools

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Do you remember your childhood? Especially your school-going days? God grant that your memories are happy ones - if they are, you are doubtlessly a well-adjusted and happy adult today. However, if you experienced corporal punishment at the hands of your teachers, you are still paying the price in ways you probably can't see.

In this so-called age of enlightenment, the Indian school system has still not outgrown the cane. Our kids continue to be traumatized by violence in the name of education. After such incidents, they come home either silent and resentful or in tears of terror at the thought of going back the next day. They look to us, their parents, to intervene on their behalf. They need us to help keep the innocence of childhood sacrosanct for them. What are we doing to justify their trust in us?

All over the developed world, corporal punishment in schools is an indefensible crime, and is dealt with accordingly. In India, the twisted idea that it somehow helps our children become good adults still prevails. The fact is that our children are being psychologically maimed by the experience, and that they will consciously or subconsciously live out these terrors for all of their remaining days.

The 9th of March was Rouvan's 14th birthday - but he didn't live to see it...

Rouvan, was the adorable, 13 yr old son, one of our school mates. As a result of constant harassment, thrashing and ridicule, by those in charge of our 'warped'  educational system, the precious life of this fun loving, bundle of mischief, came to an abrupt end, on 12th Feb, 2010.

Those who are identified, as responsible for this, are - the Principal of La Martinere (Cal), Sunirmal Chakravarty (9163332076) and two teachers, Gunion (9830592090) and Partha Dutta (9836685693).

The family has requested that the following message be texted to the Principal -

"Yesterday, Rouvan would have celebrated his 14th birthday, but didn't. This is the beginning of a campaign that we hope will improve our educational system and weed out corporal punishment, so that no child or family has to ever suffer again."

Most of you are parents - remember, today, it is this child - tomorrow, it could be your own. Those who can, please send the message across. If you’re based in Calcutta, please step up the pressure, so that these three don't get away. Others please support the Keep Kids Safe in School group on Facebook.

Even if your child has never had the misfortune of having a physically abusive teacher, remember that childhood years are being shattered by the cane as you read this. This community intends to put an end to the complacency, and to take a firm stand against teachers who hit, slap, cane, abuse or otherwise degrade our children. Will you join us? Will you add your voice to ours and help us build a roar of indignation and protest that none can ignore any longer?

Thank you - on our behalf, and on the behalf of children all over the country who will not see the end of this resilient evil unless we, their parents, take a stand....

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