Kingsisle, Let Free-to-Play and Crowns Players Report

Kyra Wills-Umdenstock
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Wizard101 and Pirate101 are family-friendly MMORPG games, or Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplay Games, created by Kingsisle Entertainment in 2008 and 2012. In the game, players have the ability to report players for inappropriate conduct, but only if they currently have a membership. Players who use the pay-as-you-go method, or are playing as a limited free-to-play member, cannot use the report button, unless they have made a purchase within the last 30 days. "KingsIsle Entertainment has developed Wizard101 to be an exciting and fun online experience for people of all ages. An important part of that is providing a safe environment for our young players, and that’s a responsibility we take seriously." The ability to report inappropriate conduct should not have to be paid for, or a privilege. It should be a right. We all have a right not to see cursing, sexual innuendoes, scams, trolling or flaming in a family-friendly game. Players who see this conduct, have to witness it, and cannot take action against it. Kingsisle's games reach a wide audience, from as young as 3 to as old as 100. Would you feel comfortable having a 12 year-old witness these things online? How about a 5 year-old? We are asking Kingsisle to allow all players to report inappropriate conduct in their games. It will make the online experience safer and overall, more enjoyable. Thank You.





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