Support The King's Priory Merger

Mick Summersby
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We, the parents of children at The King's School and Priory Primary, request that North Tyneside Council urgently reconsider their intention to seek a Judicial Review on the Kings Priory merger for the following reasons:

·       This merger gives our children the opportunity to go to a school in the heart of Tynemouth village, with their brothers and sisters until they leave at 18.

·        With access to a well thought out 'middle school' section, where they will benefit from specialist facilities such as ICT and Science Labs.

·       Giving our children the opportunity to go to a local senior school with a 93% 2012 GCSE A-E pass rate.

·       Providing the opportunity of an excellent academically focused sixth form rather than having to move schools at this key stage in their education.

·       This merger gives our children the opportunity to have class sizes limited to 25 rather than 30.

·       Where the children will know the buildings, the playing fields and the teaching staff. Importantly the staff will also know them as they develop through their school years.

·      This merger will greatly expand the access and facilities for all children within the Kings Priory Academy.

·       Enabling £3M of capital investment to improve the Priory Primary School buildings so there will be no more 20 year old portacabins, flooding toilets and substandard electrics.

·       The children will be able to use the extensive facilities at Kings as well as shared access to High Borrans throughout their school years