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Shylyn, Harsher Laws Against Pregnant Women Who Abuse Drugs

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'Shylyns Law' A Bill To Go to Capital Hill Posted by Kim Beyer Reed at 6:54am on January 23rd, 2010 November 27,2008 To Minnesota Legislators: I am writing in reference in making a new law in Minnesota,My name Is Kim I live In Minnesota,I have personal experience in this matter I feel strongly that something needs to change,I have been trying to contact every human service worker,Law enforcement officials,And I have gotten the run around,I want to change the laws. Let me start by telling you I have a daughter who Is chemically dependent and her using drugs to no avail offers no consequences as of yet,But It does have consequences for the children she has had.The welfare system has been involved with her since 2001,and through 5 child births,The last baby was born October 9,2008 with Tetrahydrocannabinol in her little system.The problem is the state knew this :she was caught with Tetrahydrocannabinol and methamphetamines in her system in March 2008 while she was in jail pregnant &,they let her go.The welfare system was working with her on her fourth child,who was brought to the hospital with Tetrahydrocannabinol and opiates in her system,this child was on drugs for nine months during the pregnancy,then 1 and1/2 years later. My daughter is just one of many women who abuse drugs while pregnant,Some do get help:.Then you have the ones that never do and they are not even civilly commited,she never accepted any help,or even got the prenatal care she needed:,She was and is allowed to have as many children as she wants abuse all the drugs she wants while pregnant,and that seems to be alrite with the state of Minnesota. Let me tell you how the children are doing,she has none of them by the way: and she will get pregnant again I give her 2 months and I do know for a fact.Because to her they are not even children,they are like pets. Her first Child my grandson is great,she stayed with us while she was pregnant and we have had him since the day he was born.He is smart and beautiful Thank God for giving him to us.Her Third child she spent the time in jail when she was pregnant,My granddaughter is smart and beautiful.She has lived with us since she was 3 months old,Thank God they were born healthy,as far as we know. Her second child is was born in March 2003,after being subjected to Tetrahydrocannabinol and methamphetamines for nine months,;then he was breast fed Tetrahydrocannabinol,and got the honor of breathing it in for the next 4 months:.he was placed in foster care and he was 18 months old when he got placed with his father in Ohio.He could not walk well at all and his speech was awful.He came to visit from Ohio in July.2007,He was 3 he could not walk well at all his speech was more like a 2 year old.He could not go up steps or play like other children his age. Now as For Shylyn she Is almost 3 years old now,She lives with her dad in Mn She has these problems from drug withdrawls ,she has physical therapy and speech therapy,she spends a lot of time with Doctors and test in Rochester,She has terrible seizures,and they say It is drug induced seizures. She will never get well;The doctors say it is from the drugs Tetrahydrocannabinol & Opiates ,oxycontin,Methamphetamines that her Mother was Allowed to give her,while she was pregnant and while she was breast fed.She is almost 3 but you would never know it.She has to use a walker now, Her last little girl was born October 9th 2008,She had Tetrahydrocannibal in her system she was allowed to be on it for nine Months,no one knows yet how she will be effected.she was adopted. These are my grandchildren,And I cant believe the state allowed this trough 5 of my grandchildren,I asked for a lot of help and for something to get done,Most of the time I never even got a response back from these people who claim to be professionals. My daughter was allowed In Minnesota to have 5 children there will be a 6th one,and she used drugs and harmed these babies destroyed lives and there was not one law in place to charge her with a crime that would have been harsh enough to make an impact to her.She is free and happy and is still on drugs these babies are suffering what kind of state would allow such a thing to happen and continue to happen .She should have been forced to get help. Let us make it a felonyChild Abuse ,and stop the Insanity and the harm to these babies,Once these Mothers knew It was A felony Do you Think they would keep harming Unborn babies with drugs.Probably not.They might just take the step to get well,The new laws would make them accountable for their actions,Whitner Vs South Carolina Proves it can be done. Please get back to me as soon as possible,Lets take this in front of legislation, . Sincerely,Kim Thank you for reading!


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