Kim Humphey Fighting for Custody King Judah Humphrey

Kim Humphrey
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Please sign to keep King Judah in his Home Stable in environment he has been in since birth. I fighting custody of my nephew .To keep him from being ripped from home stable loving home. To be place in his care of his mother whom not only lives a unstable life style no job no home no responsibility. Tested positive for drugs at birth. She didn't establish relationship the dad so there no dad involve 56 dollars a month child support o from her.He has been loved in my home for almost 3 years with no help from any family other thenmy daughterand his God mother .His mother never saw his first steps first teeth first words first Christmas or second. First birthday I received no financial support no dr appointment I cant see letting him live thru this life style she supportshe not accustom to that. she barely visit only things she see him thru FB which I tag her in .She has maintain dwelling for drug sells ,She has used the other kids for pawn as well a their grandmother they current reside with. Lets stop this cycle give my nephew a chance at life. please sign to give custody to the only parent he knows and loves and loves him.. Kim Humphrey He his not a pet you cant throw him away and later say I want him back he trained well groomed .He is a human with feelings .Let stop this pawn f our children our next generation from doing the same thing .To there children. I have been his father and motherand grand parents all in. Continue the fight for Judah .Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these



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