Killing of sharks in Malpelo sanctuary, Colombia. Matanza de tiburones en la Isla Malpelo, Colombia.

Karina Oro
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We claim Colombia and Costa Rica Authorities to stop shark hunters for the consumption of their fins. Huge numbers of sharks in the reserve are maimed and dying thrown into the sea alive, many pregnant females with small inside, unfortunately dead. The island is a point where the sharks go to breed and poachers have no qualms about it. Maul and kill sharks unscrupulously, animals in danger of extinction to use only in expensive fin soup sold especially in Asian markets. Área de Protección Ambiental y Ecologíca Calle 14 No 62 - 70, Bogotá Colombia. Secretaria ambiental Colombia Presidencia de Colombia Twitter Presidente de Colombia @JuanManSantos Ministerio de Defensa @mindefensa



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