National Campaign Against Corruption - Petition to the Prime Minister of India

Krishna prasad Sriramagiri
Krishna prasad Sriramagiri 13 Comments
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Esteemed Prime Minister,
In light of the 2G spectrum scam, and evidence of rampant corruption in many other areas, we urge you to protect national interest by taking the following measures:

1. Cancel the 2G spectrum allocation.
2. Get our money back.
3. Punish the Corrupt.
4. Protect us from future scams by enacting false claims act, wind fall tax, Independent Anti Corruption Commission [IACC] in the lines of Hong Kong Commission model

Yours sincerely,


National Campaign Against Corruption is a movement started by citizens of India & persons of Indian origin cutting across party affiliations, ideologies, religion, caste,creed & region. The main objective of this campaign is to create awareness & build consensus nation wide for setting up institutional mechanisms such as 'An Independent Anti Corruption Commission' in order to root out the menace of corruption in India once for all.




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