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Less college core curriculum, more interactive learning

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The reason for going to college is to find a good job that ensures a successful future. But what if the education that's supplied by colleges isn't enough? Jobs not only require education but also experience. During their first two years of college, students are required to take core classes that have nothing to do with their majors. These core classes waste time and add to the students' tuition. They should be replaced by courses that give students work-based experience. By doing this, students will learn new skills they can put on a resume and have better odds at finding a job.

Why is there a state law requiring core curriculum classes when it has been proven that interactive learning is more beneficial? Georgia State law requirements must be changed in order to reflect more interactive learning. For example, the regent requirements for Georgia states that students must take courses that are about Georgia history and the Georgia constitution which are both courses that are not specific to any majors. These courses are useful for history, political science and criminal justice majors. Students will be able to apply what they learned in these courses to their jobs and everyday life. Students that are not majoring in the three previously mentioned majors shouldn't be required to take Georgia history and constitution when they most likely won't remember or have to apply this knowledge to their everyday lives.

Another example is the curriculum to become a nurse. The state of Georgia requires that you must take Literature/Arts, U.S history, American Government, Statistics, English, Math and Physical Education. None of these course has anything to with nursing therefore, they should be replaced with courses that are more beneficial to future of the students.

Students should be able to have a better understanding of the careers they want to pursue before going through 4 years of college. Forcing students to satisfy these requirements often causes students to be unsure of the careers they would like to pursue. By eliminating core classes the first two years of college and replacing them with courses that are strictly necessary to the majors chosen by students, it will be easier for them to decide if that major is truly right for them. Instead of waiting until their third year of college to decide they want to major in something else, students will be able to make up their minds within the first year.

Students who graduate from High school that are entering college for the first time are impacted by this issue because the core classes are basically high school classes repeated over again. For example, it is mandatory for High school students to complete 4 years of math, English, Science, History and an extra curriculum such as foreign language or PE. High school students are required to pass these courses before being able to attend college. It does not make sense to have these students repeat these courses when they attend college for the first 2 years. Why wouldn't a student who have satisfied the requirements in High school, be able to start college in the major of their dreams?

Other groups that are impacted are people of different cultures who speak different languages. Interactive/ hands on learning allows them a chance to have a more successful academic experience. Instead of having lessons explained and having a communication issue with their professors, these individuals may learn by watching demonstrations by professors and doing the activities themselves. All Interactive learning helps everyone understand subjects better through practice and hands on experience they can apply to jobs in their future. Studies have shown that interactive learning tremendously increases the knowledge of the subject which produces a well-educated and more experienced employee.

Most of us believe that obtaining a college degree will help obtain a career with a great paying job. Reality is, going to college does not always help students get jobs. The reason for this is because employers today are having trouble hiring entry-level workers with the knowledge and experience needed to be productive employees for their companies. Many people straight out of college do not have experience in the career they're pursuing and most jobs today require at least a year of experience. Interactive learning will benefit companies by allowing them to choose employees based on their experience instead of a text book degree. Hands on learning allows people with language barriers a better chance for success in college and employment.

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