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Kill Inflation By Agreeing To Not Charge Eachother More Than A Certain Amount!

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The inflation we see around us is not due to limited resources in our expanding universe, or limited services when we have an expanding population! It is due to the scarcity of money, a result of the fear that excess money supply will lead to hyperinflation.

So, we try to take the poison of inflation in small doses (2%) instead of a hyper dose. There is a remedy to this hopeless situation, let's illustrate it through Pakistan:

Haris, a Pakistani, should determine how much his effort is worth if Maximum Wage in Pakistan was Rupees 100 Per Hour. For example, as a bank employee he may choose his "Personal Maximum Wage" as Rs. 35/hr. Any income surplus to this he gifts to a fellow countryman for 1.25% of Haris' hours.

As the idea spreads and Haris similarly receives gift money from others, he should increase the percentage of Hours that he serves under Rupees 100 Per Hour. That is, he only needs to be more generous if others show generosity to him.

Soon, prices in the economy crash as others follow his example!

This, agreeing to a Maximum Wage - I call "Pakistaniat", a salute to the universal brotherhood of humanity. Sign this petition if you believe in it, whether you are Pakistani or a brother or sister from another country.

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