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Petition to pass the Abused Children's Rights and Assistance Act

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We, the undersigned, call on the U.S. Senate and House of Representative to pass a comprehensive Federal Law that would protect children from Child Abuse and would put more restrictive measures on those agencies whose job it is to protect children. Any Family member or Non-Family member who witness's an abuse and not reporting it to Local Law Enforcement or Children's Agencies should be found just as guilty as the abuser and should be punished as well. Many children would be given a second chance if the witness would of called for help. MANDATORY SENTENCING should be applied for anyone found guilty of abusing a child. *15 minimum years for seriously abusing a child without parole. *Life in prison for death of child due to child abuse. *Create new programs in Elementary, Middle & High Schools to promote Child Abuse awareness & give scared children a safe place to turn.

Child sexual abuse is a silent epidemic throughout the United States and the world, creating social havoc–for the children, adult survivors, and society. It can be prevented and it can be treated, but a conscious and sustained effort to ensure the safety of the children is both missing and essential. 

We ask only three things of elected officials and policy makers (1) That they make the protection of children a top priority and are generous in providing child crime and neglect victims the help they need without cost to the families. (2) That crimes against children are treated as crimes and that those who prey upon children are removed from society (3) Propose & start child friendly, affordable, in-school programs that will help children identify and cope with all forms of abuse. Make these gentle teachings about self-esteem, communication, choices, respect, touch and how to get HELP mandatory in all schools.                                                                                                             

Give children a safe place to turn when they are afraid.                                           

Empower all youth with the knowledge and resources to reach to for help .                                            

As well as providing therapist in schools to help children cope with the abuse and to heal.                                                                                                                                   

We need intervention programs that schools, parents, and the community can do to help children understand the various forms of violence they are exposed to--that way, when something negative happens, they will recognize that it is inappropriate and wrong. It also teaches kids the other side--how their actions have consequences.        

By doing this we can Decrease the incidence of incest and molestation. Decrease physical and emotional abuse, and making it a better world for all in the future. 

Our Government Officials are falling short in protecting our children and their rights. We have to fight for those who can not fight for themselves.



Please sign and tell our Government officials we have to do more to protect children from abuse.



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