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Stop KFC Cruelty

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Six weeks ago, members of PETA were in negotiations with KFC to try to improve the way they treat chickens after acts of cruelty were found at a \"Pilgrim\'s Pride\" which was KFC\'s #1 supplier. Such acts included workers stomping on live chickens, throwing them against the wall, spitting tobacco into their eyes, spray painting them, and many other unimaginable ways of torture which weren\'t even the worst part of the slaughter. These birds are kept in cramped, filthy conditions. Chickens are de-beaked despite KFC\'s claims that they don\'t. De-beaking is painful and takes weeks to heal without anesthetics. Many chickens die before slaughter because the de-beaking is so painful that they cannot eat, and they slowly starve to death. Chickens are given drugs to increase their weight, and they grow so fat so fast that their legs break under their own weight, their organs cannot function properly, and they don\'t live more than 2 months. They are shipped to the slaughterhouse after being thrown violently into small crates with many other chickens, this often causes them to bruise and their bones to break. During slaughter, they are to be shocked so that they would die quickly, but the voltage is so low that most of the chickens live through it and are dipped into scalding tanks of water while fully conscience. PETA brought the case to KFC with expert knowledge of more humane treatment and wanted to compromise with KFC. We agreed with KFC at the time not to reveal anything about those negotiations and to call off all forms of protest, hoping that KFC would do the right thing and agree to do what its own advisors are suggesting. I\'m disappointed to announce that after yet another meeting with KFC, they still aren\'t planning to take the recommendations of their own advisors to eliminate the worst abuses of the chickens raised and killed for their restaurants. Outrageously, in the end they wouldn\'t offer a firm commitment to do even a single thing that would guarantee improved conditions for even a single chicken. You can see details of negotiations here: We feel disappointed, deceived, and angry: KFC told us they were serious this time; they told us they would follow the advice of the world\'s top scientists on chicken welfare. In the end, they violated our trust, to the detriment of the 850 million birds killed for their restaurants every year. This cruelty must end, KFC has gone beyond murder. If chickens must die, then at least let them go in peace, not in suffering.


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