Key Policy at 229 Chrystie St.

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As residents of 229 Chrystie St, we are petitioning building management to return to the prior policy of keeping spare keys at the front desk. We valued this service the building used to provide and we would like to see the service return.

While we recognize the requires a bit more attention to security on the part of building management, most doorman buildings in the city provide this service and we believe that there are easy solutions to keep keys at the front desk while maintaining security of the building.

It is important for building management to understand that the new policy preventing residents from keeping keys with concierge decreases the value for us of living in a full-service building and decreases how much we are willing to pay for our leases each year when they are renewed. We believe it is in the interest of building management to find a solution for keeping keys at the front desk as it will make us much more willing to renew our leases at higher rental rates.



February 24
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