Archbishop Kelly should resign

Sue Archibald
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Recently released church memos show that, in 1983, Louisville Archbishop Thomas Kelly knowingly allowed a priest who sexually abused a minor to stay in ministry. Fr. Thomas Creagh admitted to Kelly that he sexually molested a 15 yr old boy. Creagh is now accused in lawsuits of abusing a total of 4 boys between 1974 and 1983. One of the victims alleges abuse after the memo that allowed Creagh to stay in ministry. What these memos demonstrate is utter disregard for the trauma and suffering experienced by the victims. Archibishop Kelly\'s objectives appear to be Deny, Dismiss, and Protect. Deny the seriousness of the criminal offenses. Dismiss the victims and their parents who report to the church. Protect the image of the church and careers of the priests at all costs. Yes, 1983 may have been a different era, but never in Catholic history was the sexual abuse of children an acceptable practice. We should expect that a bishop would know right from wrong in 1883 or 1983 and put protection of children above protection of perpetrators, and above protecting the image of the church. The Catholic Church was meant to be a church of the people, where bishops and priests serve the flock, not vice versa. As stockholders of the church, it is time to hold bishops accountable and replace those who have failed in their moral leadership. Please sign this petition to support those who have been abused by priests in the Archidocese of Louisville. Healing begins with accountability, and assurance that the system will never allow these crimes to be repeated. Please sign this petition as a first step to bring reform to a church that has lost sight of its mission.


This petition is being sponsored by Kentucky victims of clergy sexual abuse, and The Linkup, a national advocacy group for survivors of clergy sexual abuse. More information on The Linkup can be found at