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Dear Governator: We are concerned people. Concerned for our safety. A judge has ordered Paris Hilton to spend 45 days in for violating her parole. Since that day Paris Hilton is working full speed to do every thing to stay out of jail. Among the things, she is doing, we've listed below some of the things she is doing: 1. She's hired a high priced lawyer to appeal the judge's order. 2. Doing everything she can to get people to sign her own appeal to you to pardon her 2. buying people drinks to sign that petition 3. having sex with them to sign that petition. 4. sending emails to strangers to sign that petition 5. paying people to start their own petitions. one of these petitioners is at who says he has collected 1000 signatures. Paris Hilton has 1000's of T-shirts bearing "FREE PARIS HILTON" and distriuting them free and giving them to the person owning the group to sell at that site and make profit and become rich. She has given him other merchandise for selling on that group. Her idea is for him to use the money to promote that group. 6. Paris may be spreading desease by having sex indiscriminately and spreading disease to fulfill her objective of not going to jail. 7. I must state that I can't get any men to admit that they are screwing Paris Hilton or are doing any thing in return for screwing her or for getting free drinks or are indeed screwing her or are indeed screwing her. Because if they admit they'll be accused of prostitution. Although it hurts my cause I must state that this sex basis is just an allegation or a heresay to the truthness or falseness of which I make no comments. But you've to consider the possibilty that these items may be true and facts. The PETITIONERS, who ask you to free Paris Hilton, basically have one argument or one main argument, namly, that she was ordered do 45 days in California jails for only violating her parole and not for any moving violation. This argument is a bull shit argument. Paris was arrested for a moving violation and pleaded no contest. Since she did not plead " not guilty" the judge went easy on her and put her on probation for several months ordering her to not commit any more moving violations. She continued to commit moving violations. And each time she committed a moving violation they cited her for violation of Parole because the moving violation is a cause for her being sent to jail without a fresh trial. After third or fourth moving violation following her being put on probation the prosecutor asked the judge to say enough is enough and put her in Jail for 45 days. And now you have been reported to have said that you'll consider her appeals or appeals on her behalf to pardon and free her. If you free fer you'll sign death warrants for some innocent people going to work or coming home from work or taking their grand mother to hospital because they are having a heart attack or cause some ambulence to overturn in an effort to avoid a head on collission with her. Paris Hilton is a manac on the road. She not only drives drunk without a license she never observes speed limits. She drives in speeds of excess of 75 MPH. She drives northwards in south bound traffic lanes or westward in east bound traffic lanes. One of her traffic violations was of this type. You must remember that the Governor of NJ Jon Corzine was very seriously injured when his sar tried to avoid a truck driven by a maniac and went into a tree or another car killing some innocent person. I think one innocent person was killed although I do not remember if this is correct or not. Keep Paris Hilton in Jail for 45 days would be good for Paris Hilton, Good for the Counyry, Good for the world. Paris Hilton would be an example to others to avoid moving violations and not to drive under suspended licences. Pais Hilton stay in Hospital might reduce the incidence of Hepatitis C disease due to people not having an opportunity to screw Paris Hilton. Therefore we plead with you not to pardon Paris Hilton and Free her.

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