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Let's Keep Our World Turning

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As longtime viewers of As The World Turns we were saddened to learn that the show is facing cancellation. We feel that canceling the show at this stage would be a grave mistake. As the World Turns has been a constant in our lives since we were kids and since our parents were kids. That's over fifty years of entertaining moments and captivating family drama. If you would like to continue seeing the Hughes, the Stewarts, The Snyders, and the other citizens of Oakdale join us in our bid to CBS to “Keep Our World Turning.” Sincerely Jamilla Geter and Amanda Danno Dear CBS We the fans of AS The World Turns aren’t ready to see our show come to an end. We feel there is still a lot of story to be told and the show still has some life left in it. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the Hubbard Squash, and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Bob reading to the children at the hospital. Of course no day would be complete without the misadventures of the Stewart women and their newest edition, Hunter. This is the show that brought us the Lakeview, WOAK, Fashions, BRO, Crash, and YO’s. Not to mention Java and its counterpart Java Underground. Where would we be without Al’s diner and Vienna’s Pepparkakor, or the one of a kind advice and attention from our favorite barista Oakdale has seen us through the good, the bad, the ugly and the ridiculous, but no matter what, we were always guaranteed a good time and lots of love. Romance, adventure, intrigue and fun were what we expected and the show has never disappointed. We’ll never forget who killed Grant Pullman or the burning of the Snyder Barn, the Hughes/Snyder baby swipe, or Margo’s rape and Hal’s death. There is so much to be celebrated with this show it would be a shame to see it disappear. I don’t think there is a couple on the show who doesn’t have fans. From Simon and Katie to Parker and Liberty, everyone has a couple they root for or continue to root for to this day. The best couples, the lasting ones, seem to be Bob and Kim, Tom and Margo, Holden and Lily and Jack and Carly. Let’s not forget Luke and Noah who in just two years time have stolen their ways into our hearts of fans around the world. Ever since Nancy Hughes said “good morning, dear,” in 1956 we have been allowed a glimpse into their homes, their lives and their relationships. They are family and we’re not ready for them to go. This year we lost Guiding Light, which will soon be replaced by a game show. We don't believe that a game show can ever inspire the loyalty of viewers the way a soap can. Game shows and talk shows fail at a rapid rate on daytime schedules. There is no guarantee that any new game show or talk show would succeed in place of a beloved soap. Disheartened fans would just walk away and not look back. We are aware that there are problems with As The World Turns, as there are with all soaps today. But all is not lost. Last year Days Of Our Lives had the lowest ratings in it's history, and was facing cancellation, yet network intervention and a change of writing team brought it back to the top in a matter of months The same can happen here. Recent changes in plotting and increased character interaction have pleased many fans and brought many positive reviews among the soap industry publications. Please give the Producers of our show the chance to continue with these changes bring the same results to As The World Turns. It can be done. We are aware that viewing habits have change and that the ratings of all soaps reflect a decline in viewership. We are here to tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. As The World Turns has fans from all over the world and there are a variety of ways to watch since our lives are very hectic. Many viewers tune in on YouTube or on CBS.com. At last year’s luncheon there were fans from around the world praising the show and this petition is a representation of that fanbase. Please keep our world turning. Sincerely, The fans of As The World Turns


we are longtime viewers of As the World turns and this is our bid to save the show. http://www.facebook.com/profile.phpid=747698209 http://www.facebook.com/profile.phpid=535971747&ref=profile
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