Stop Early Release of Convicted Rapist

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Willie Lagway is being considered for early releasein May2015, by the Ohio Parole Board. He is currently incarcerated for the kidnapping and robbery of 6 women, two of which he raped.

During each attack on these women, Lagway copied down their personal information. He has also seen the victim's age progression and their families by way of a second trial, where he was re-convicted on all original counts. Additionally, with the way technology is today, it would not be difficult to gather current information on the victims.

The victims and their families are asking for your help to keep him in prison as they are scared he will recommit if released.

Not only did he admit to everything, during his trial, Lagway stated, "the only mistake he made was not sacrificing his victims because this is what ended up happening, he ended up getting caught."

Please sign the petition and leave any comments on the blog page.

We are also asking that letters be sent directly to the parole board at the following address. Letters MUST includeWILLIE LAGWAY #A173689 on each page.

Ohio Parole Board

770 West Broad Street

Columbus, Ohio 43222

You can also e-mail letters to

The blog tab of this petition has the news articles/clips of the case for your information.

We want to personally thank everyone who has helped by writing a letter or signing the petition. We will keep you updated on any further information.




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