Keeping family bonds. Human rights of spouses and children of inmates.

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Preservation of family bonds is very important to the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners back into the community after they have served their sentence.


 Allowing conjugal and/or family bonding type visitation will preserve relationships and give hope to the incarcerated. This will give them a place to go home to when they are finished with their time. This will create less of a need for half way houses and other state funded/taxpayer funded programs that house ex-cons that have no place to go.


We also have to think about the human rights of the spouses and children of inmates. Imagine the suffering the innocent family members go through! Spouses need alone time with their mate. Children need comfortable visitation time with their parent.


 When vital relationships break down and the inmate is not given a chance to maintain their relationships, they may have no where to go when they get out of prison. They are more likely to re-offend because they don't have a home and family to go back to. This can be something that the Oregon DOC uses as a positive reward for good behavior and participation in programs specific to that inmates issues, and or work in trade/payment.


The families and/or inmates that participate can fund the costs of the visits. This sort of visitation should be a privilege that an inmate must jump through hoops for and truly earn. It should be limited to inmates that are to be integrated back into the community and at the discretion of the Oregon DOC.


Please sign this petition to create less people reoffending, to show humanity to suffering families, and to reduce the financial impact off of the tax payers and on to the inmates for reintegration into the community!



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