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Players Choice: Keep Existing Celluloid Table Tennis Balls

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We have only collected 802 signatures over 2+years and the ITTF and USATT has spoken loud and clear. Polyballs are to be used and are the future. This petition has ended without achieving the goal of keeping celluloid as the ball of choice.


Thanks to all that participated in trying to stop the "money grab" of the ITTF.

The ITTF has mandated a change of the existing Celluloid table tennis balls to a new material and slightly larger tennis ball made out of plastic.

There is not a good reason to make this change and WE THE PLAYERS DEMAND to keep the existing 40mm Celluloid balls with no changes whatsoever.

The early poly balls were not so good and reviews were rather on the poor side. However.......

There is a new seamless poly ball that is the closest and is supposedly in the USATT and ITTF pipeline for approval. It is made by Xushaofa.

Keep signing the petition and maybe at least, we can be proud for trying to stop something that most do not want.

I am somewhat dismayed this petition couldn't even garner 1K signatures, let alone the goal of 10K. Thanks for all those that took the time to sign the petition and to spread the word. Really appreciate your efforts.

I know for a fact that the ITTF and USATT has/had been monitoring this. Wish we could of gotten more. As it is, USATT will probably go to the poly ball after the first year for their tourneys too, which means...probably death of the celluloid ball in SANCTIONED tournaments.


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