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Victims of Chinese Drywall (VCDW) are calling for action by our President to protect American citizens from toxic imports and hold foreign manufacturers responsible for their toxic products! The drywall, much of it manufactured in China, is blamed for sulfurous odors and corrosion problems in thousands of U.S. houses. The smell and side effects to their health have driven some owners out of their homes. The contaminated drywall has made their residences unmarketable. Repairs are extensive and expensive. U.S. officials travelled to China last year to probe the Chinese drywall-manufacturing process. Chinese government officials interfered with their investigation: rushing the Americans through sites, blocking attempts to ask questions and take samples, and engaging in a coordinated campaign to intimidate them. Such Chinese behavior is outrageous. All manufacturers, whether domestic or foreign, should meet basic, recognized safety standards. This is especially important for materials used in the construction of a home where exposure to chemicals can be prolonged. Also, a home often represents a family's largest investment. Defective materials should not be permitted to turn it into a financial disaster. VCDW families have been suffering with this disaster for two years without acknowledgement from the Executive Branch of our Government or assistance from any other level of Government! We must stand up and demand action on these toxic imports that have destroyed our homes, finances and health! How many more defective, toxic, unsafe products have to be found before we make importing countries responsible for their products? How many more lives lost and how many more families subject to financial ruin? When does our government demand that foreign manufactured products meet the same standards required of American made products? The following list of recalled Chinese products should be a wakeup call for our government officials. They took an oath of office to serve and protect their constituents. Doesn’t protecting them from foreign countries who ship in these defective products and then refuse to take financial responsibility for their products qualify as protecting the citizens of the United State of America? 1. Defective drywall 2. Lead based paint 3. Untested medicines 4. Lead based pre-school toys for Mattel 5. Spinning toy tops with lead based paint on the wooden knobs 6. Numerous other toys containing lead 7. Pet food containing Melamine 8. Toothpaste tainted with anti-freeze 9. Seafood laced with chemicals 10. Vitamins 11. Food additives 12. Faulty tires 13. Cough syrup with counterfeit glycerin 14. Snack food with spice containing salmonella 15. Children’s jewelry causing lead poisoning 16. Baby swings that entrap the baby 17. Defective swimming pool ladders 18. Faulty baby carriers 19. Exploding air pumps 20. Oil filled electric heaters that catch fire 21. Notebook computer batteries that burn up computers 22. Faulty blade guards for circular saws 23. Counterfeit circuit breaker, power strips, extension cords, batteries 24. Holiday lights that are causing fires, explosions, shocks and electrocutions 25. Faulty light sockets 26. Emergency lights with faulty circuit boards that do not light up in an emergency 27. Heated massaging recliners that overheat 28. Pine cone candles that completely catch fire 29. Glassware sold to Pier I that broke for no reason 30. Defective baby cribs 31. Car seats that allowed the baby to fall out 32. Faulty children’s books 33. Food contaminated with pesticides, and tainted with carcinogens, bacteria and banned drugs 34. Toxic overalls 35. Bad wiring in oscillating fans 36. Hair dryers without emersion protection 37. Remote controls that overheat 38. Toxic jackets 39. Toy batteries that melt and/or catch fire 40. Breakable bike frames 41. Chalkboards containing lead 42. Wall sconces with no back plates 43. Boomboxes that catch fire 44. Flammable baby clothes 45. Baby bouncing seats that collapse 46. Kitchen stools that collapse 47. Hazardous grills 48. Dangerous hammocks 49. Strollers that can amputate baby’s fingers We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to protect American citizens from toxic imports and hold foreign manufacturers accountable for their harmful products.


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