Keep the Goderich Sunday Flea Market

Terrance Saxby
Terrance Saxby Goderich, Ontario 331 Comments
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The Goderich BIA has announced, quite fairly, that it will no longer run the Sunday Goderich Flea Market.

I would ask all those that enjoy the Sunday Goderich Flea Market either as a vendor or consumer to please vote yes.

It is now up to us, to find someone either a group, or the Town of Goderich to run this market, or sadly there will no longer be a Sunday market.

Please let me know in the comments below, if you as an individual, or as the representative of a group, would have an interest in helping to run the Sunday market. It would be greatly appreciated.

I am willing to help. Are you?

I need as many people to attend the March 4th Council meeting starting at 4:00pm as possible.

PLease vote and share this page link

You can now join a Save The Goderich Market Group




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