Keep the Earth spherical

Karolina Sobecka
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Rising sea levels are slowing the Earth movement around its axis as the planet is becoming less spherical. Our days are getting ever so slightly longer.

Sign this petition if you would like policy makers to introduce a bill to keep the Earth spherical, to keep it spinning at the same rate and to keep our days 24 hours long.

Earth's rotation can be sped up or slowed down in the short term by a variety of factors. Now science shows that melting glaciers shift Earth's mass from the poles to the equator, changing the shape of the Earth and slowing it's rotation, similarly to an ice skater spin slowed down by her extending her arms to the side.

Recent calculations of the Earth's spin -- derived from satellite, astronomical and land-based data -- show very slight decreases in the rate of Earth's rotation, decreases that agree with predictions based on updated glacial melting and seal level rise models. The brake will be applied further as the ice caps melt.