Keep Studio Charlotte at the Eastalnd Mall Location - We Deserve This!!

Tracy Thomas
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Dear Leaders of the City of Charlotte:

I am reaching out via this petition on behalf of so many people – asking you to hear us. Asking you to move forward with the Studio Charlotte project as a whole, and not break it into pieces. Doing that would destroy the entire concept. This is huge. Not just for East Charlotte, but for all of Charlotte and NC.

I have lived in East Charlotte my entire life and can tell you that the people are more hungry and motivated for change than I have seen in all of my years. Not just any change. Not just more shops and stores thrown our way. But a REAL change. The kind of life altering changes that Studio Charlotte’s great vision will bring. Not just to our lives, but to generations that follow us.

I know that in the course of negotiating deals, there are often times bumps in the road or things that may cause delays (in this case, all hinging on the NC Film Incentives being extended), and I also know that it can be frustrating for both sides when you feel there is no place else to go. But let me assure you, that with a plan that will not only bring thousands of jobs, big name companies to follow, education and a complete reinvestment into our community – that plan is worth it.

Maybe you haven’t gotten the final details you need to this point but let me show you what we, the people, see.

We see a plan that took shape two some odd years ago that is worth the wait. Do you want to know why we think that? Because it is the only plan that encompasses ALL that we need on Charlotte’s decaying East Side. And as much I love my community, it has been in shambles for so long that it’s hard to remember the better days. But we are close. So close, in fact, that if given just a few months and hopefully the right decision by NC to extend the incentives – Studio Charlotte moving forward in it’s full plan would be the rock that this city – and state – would be built on for years to come. And all we are asking for is you to continue talks with Studio Charlotte leaving the plan as it was initially submitted to City Council and wait until the NC Film Incentives are (hopefully) extended. At that point, everyone on this petition is aware that you will get the numbers/financial data you are requesting.

I often wonder as we ask City Council to hear us - Why aren’t WE the people that have spoken loudly worth it? Why isn’t East Charlotte worth it? I need to know what a few months in the large scheme of things will change for you? What other plans would meet all of the needs this challenged community of ours has? None. Not one thing mentioned anywhere has come close. And I know that in your hearts, you know that.

Let me say that with great leaders comes great courage. Courage to do what is right and think big. True leaders fight for their people and not their egos. True leaders, would see why this is the only option for all of us.

In your legacy…think of this…you can be the City Council that looks behind and realizes what a huge mistake they made if they let this wonderful project go…or, you can be the ones that forever changes our lives for the better. With endless opportunities, jobs and growth that is immeasurable for an entire state. You can be the ones that made the East Side much more than the eye sore that it is now. You can be the ones that make us shine – gives us what we so desperately deserve and have fought for. Or you can forever lose your supporters over something as simple as the last few months it would take to make this happen.

I implore you with every fiber if my being to hear us…hear us all. We want Studio Charlotte at the previous Eastland Mall location and we are hopeful beyond words you will make that happen.



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