Keep Salford University's BA (Hons) Photography and BA (Hons) Visual Arts separate, distinct courses until we graduate!

Toby Christian
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We the undersigned reject Salford University's plans to merge BA (Hons) Photography with BA (Hons) Visual Arts to make BA (Hons) Fine Art, Media and Photography, on the following grounds:

• We were not notified about this potential change at interview. If we had have been notified we could have taken up alternative offers from other institutions.

• Many of us applied to study this degree with a specific career in mind. A merged qualification would severely limit our graduate career options.

• We have committed to acquiring a huge debt (of up to £43,500) in order to study a specific, named degree.

• Many of us will be forced to transfer to another institution in our final year, which will have a detrimental impact of our grades.

We are asking that:

• All current level 4, 5 and 6 students should be able to complete the specific named degree that they applied to study.

Salford University claims that courses must have a certain number of students to be financially viable. However other intuitions are able to run the same named degree with fewer students, lower fees, and a greater number of teaching staff.





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