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Many cross country runners have been shocked and devastated to learn that our beloved coach was recently fired. As the people this decision affects the most, we feel it is unfair that this decision was made without the consideration of our opinions. For years, Coach Torres has made cross country a place where students can learn to set goals, improve their health, and better themselves. He has inspired many runners and taught us how to be strong and never give up. Coach Torres is the man who made the Buhler cross country team what it is today. This past season, the girls won multiple meets and even made it to state. The boys also had a very successful season. But cross country to us isn’t just about improving times or winning meets or medals or going to state. It is about the friendship. It is about our traditions. It is about the life stories Coach Torres tells us, and the poems he writes. Coach Torres is a unique individual, and a man with years of competitive running and coaching experience. Every summer, alumni come back and join in summer conditioning not just because they want to run, but because they want to see Coach Torres. Year after year he has proven that he is more than capable of coaching and taking care of a successful team. We all love him and he cannot be replaced. That is why his firing has been the cause of anger and even tear-shed over the days since we were informed. As members of the cross country team, we should be allowed to know the reasoning behind this action that affects us more than it affects anyone else, especially since we were not given any say in the matter. The firing of our beloved coach without adequate reason and explanation will undoubtedly be a huge drawback for the team. Some members are so upset and angry at this news that they are considering not running cross country next year, because they know that regardless of the new coach, they will not be returning to the same sport that they once loved if Coach Torres is not there. Those of us who do choose to run cross country next year, especially those of us who will be seniors, are going to have a difficult time. We will still miss Coach Torres and will struggle to really embrace a new coach. This is unfair both to us and the new coach who would have to follow Coach T. Any benefits of hiring a new coach will be outweighed by the negative emotional impact it will have on the returning members, and the definite decrease in runners, and consequently, decrease in success at meets. Most of all, we all agree that this is horribly unfair to Coach Torres. He absolutely loves cross country and loves the team, and is more than qualified to be our coach. After years of hard work and admirable dedication for the cross country team, Coach Torres does not deserve this. He means so much not only to current cross country runners, but to their parents, and even former runners of his who will graduate this year or have graduated and will not be running high school cross country ever again. All who sign this petition sign in favor of Coach Torres continuing to be Buhler High School’s cross country coach.

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