Keep online sightings websites out of Kruger National Park

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Kruger National Park has been in existence since 1898. For all these years visistors from all over the world have been enjoying the wild aspect of the park. New online sighting websites (eg are being created, which allows for sightings of wildlife to be updated to visitors immediately. These online updates create huge interest in sightings, and this allows visitors receiving this info to travel constantly between sightings, very often at very high speeds and recklessly. Apart from this, it is now becoming increasingly common for rare sightings to be swamped with vehicles as visitors now all rush to catch a glimpse of the latest sightings. Online sighting websites are all in direct contrast to the reason the park exists. I strongly call for the banning of such websites, and in general, for technology to be kept out of the park and if you are a TRUE lover of Kruger, please sign my petition.


I say, keep online sighting websites out of Kruger!!  





  • 3 years ago
    Nancy Roussy
    3 years ago