Keep Niagara College Child Care Center Open

Aimy Ramirez
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  • In April 2012 Niagara College announced that they will no longer be operating the Child Care Centre. They will be closing the Child Care Centre that has been operating next to their Welland Campus since 1995.
  • Affecting the jobs of 11 full-time and 7 part-time employees.
  • Affecting close to 50 students who attend the college and use the Child Care Centre for the care of their children.

We the undersigned petition that Niagara College reconsider the closing of their Child Care Centre. To put the interest of the staff, the students who use the Centre for the caring of their children and for the hands on work in the ECE program and the children who attend the Centre that receive if not the best, one of the best cares in the city.




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    Aimy Ramirez Canada
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