Keep NGCSU's Group Study Rooms for Groups Only

Kaila Copenhaver
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The study rooms at NGCSU's library are intended for group use only, however, every time I go to the library with the intent of working with a group, it is almost impossible to find a group study room. All too frequently, many of these study rooms are filled with individual students who can't seem to stand the sound of others breathing, keyboards typing, or whatever it may be, and therefore need to lock themselves in a room intended for group use only.

The week before finals (12/3/12), I used the online library chat to ask them how the library staff could help remedy the situation after I spent nearly 30 minutes looking for a room with a group. Every individual I asked said they would be "just a minute," but then never left. The staff only suggested that we ask these individuals to leave, since it was noted inside the rooms that the rooms were intended for "Group Use ONLY," but to those individuals, it didn't seem to matter. Finally, we found a group room with a single individual who was willing to leave, but not before putting up a fight and becoming angry at how we were inconveniencing her.

The library does not seem to care nor regulate the rules concerning their group study rooms. There needs to be some way to keep the GROUP study rooms the way they were intended for: for groups only. Perhaps the library staff could keep the doors locked, and those wishing to study with a group would have to appear at the front desk with that group and check out the key to a room. If that would keep the rooms open to groups only and keep individuals out, I'm all for it.

Besides, there are several other places on campus, not to mention the library, that is quiet enough. The back of the second floor is a devoted "quiet area," the third floor barely has anyone in it, and the student center.





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